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Journal of Kantipur Dental College

Journal of Kantipur Dental College

JKDC Vol 1 No 1

Issue 1, Jul-Dec 2020


JKDC: A movement of Kantipur Dental College

Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 5

Research Articles

Reasons for Choosing Dentistry among First Year Dental Students : Choice or Chance

Dr Sunita Khanal, Dr Rosina Bhattarai, Dr Sujita Shrestha, Dr G. Nagaraja Rao

Pg. 6-9

Comparison of Digital and Conventional Method for Age Estimation Measuring Root Dentine Translucency

Dr Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Dr Sushmit Koju, Dr Nisha Maharjan, Dr Dipshikha Bajracharya, Dr Radha Baral

Pg. 10-5

Attitude of Bachelor of Dental Surgery Students towards Specialization in Kantipur Dental College, Kathmandu

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Dr Meenu Shrestha, Dr Manish Shrestha, Dr Bhageshwor Dhami

Pg. 16-9

Correlation between Vital Capacity and Maximum Chest Expansion among Nepalese Young Adults

Dr Dilli Bahadur Pun, Mr Prashanna Shrestha, Dr Paresh Roy Choudhury, Dr Mrigendra Amatya

Pg. 20-4

Review Articles

Lesions Associated with Impacted Tooth

Dr Radha Baral, Dr Bidhata Ojha, Dr Dipshikha Bajracharya

Pg. 25-31

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome – A Scoping Review

Dr Asal Acharya, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Pratistha Thapa, Dr Diwash Adhikari

Pg. 32-8

Case Reports

Management of Complicated Crown-root Fracture by Reattachment- A Case Report

Dr Pratyush Sapkota

Pg. 39-41

An Eye for a Lost Eye: A Case of Customized Ocular Prosthesis

Dr Bebina Shrestha, Dr Dinesh Sharma Bhusal, Dr Gulshan Kumar Thakral

Pg. 42-6

View Point

Evolution of Dental Colleges in Nepal

Prof Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha

Pg. 47-50

Authors Guidelines

Pg. 51-3

JKDC Vol 2 No 1

Issue 2, Jan-Jun 2021


Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal

Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 5-6

Research Articles

Effect of Facemask on Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate among Young Adults

Mr Prashanna Shrestha, Dr Dilli Bahadur Pun, Dr Sonam Chaudhary, Dr Amshuman Shrestha, Dr Alka Gupta,
Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Sujita Shrestha, Dr Shrawana Shrestha

Pg. 7-10

Knowledge and Practice of Preventive Behavior on COVID-19 among School-children of Kathmandu Valley

Dr Sujita Shrestha, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Sunita Khanal, Dr Alka Gupta, Dr Asal Acharya

Pg. 11-4

Attitude and Perception of Under Graduate Dental Students towards Curriculum

Dr Rosina Bhattarai, Dr Sunita Khanal, Dr G. Nagaraja Rao, Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 15-8

Prediction of Dental Arch Perimeter based on Inter-canine and Inter-molar Width

Dr Deepak Chand, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Pramisha Karki

Pg. 19-23

Morphological Analysis of Cemento-enamel Junction in Permanent Dentition based on Gender and Arches

Dr Sushmit Koju, Dr Nisha Maharjan, Dr Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Dr Dipshikha Bajracharya, Dr Radha Baral, Dr Bidhata Ojha

Pg. 24-8

Case Reports

Taurodontism in Multiple Teeth in Child with Down’s Syndrome- A Case Report

Dr Parajeeta Dikshit, Dr Senchhema Limbu, Dr Manisha Malla

Pg. 29-31

Non-Surgical Management of Localized Gingival Enlargement in Maxillary Anterior Region

Dr Arjun Hari Rijal, Dr Bhageshwar Dhami, Dr Nashib Pandey, Dr Deepa Aryal

Pg. 32-5

Short Communications

Dr. S. Bhattacharyya: A Living Legend

Dr Alka Kale, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha

Pg. 36-7

Student KDC

Change in Health Service Approach to COVID-19 Pandemic

Manisha Chaudhary

Pg. 38-9

Change in Health Service Approach due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Md. Qulam Saf

Pg. 40-1

Authors Guidelines

Pg. 42-44

JKDC Vol 2 No 2

Issue 3, Jul-Dec 2021


Evidence Based Dental Practice

Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 5

Research Articles

Assessment of Developmental Anomalies in Permanent Dentition: An Orthopantomographic Study

Dr Sandhya Shrestha, Dr Pradeep Bhandari, Dr Binita Shrestha, Dr Lok Raj Dhakal, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha

Pg. 6-10

Estimation of Point A by Three Different Cephalometric Methods

Dr Samikshya Paudel, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Sujita Shrestha, Dr. Supriya Karki

Pg. 11-4

Histopathological Variations in Ameloblastoma – Cases in a Tertiary Care Center of Nepal

Dr Nisha Maharjan, Dr Sushmit Koju, Dr Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Dr Dipshikha Bajracharya, Dr Bidhata Ojha, Dr Radha Baral

Pg. 15-20

Prevalence and Bilateral Symmetrical Distribution of Three Rooted Mandibular Permanent First Molar
among Patients visiting Kantipur Dental College and Hospital

Dr Anu Karmacharya, Dr Sandhya Shrestha, Dr Ankit Shah, Dr Anju Khapung, Dr Binita Shrestha

Pg. 21-5

Prevalence of Low Back Pain among Dental Students of Kathmandu

Mr Bidya Nand Chaudhary, Mr Nishchal Ratna Shakya

Pg. 26-8


Cephalometric Assessment of Sagittal Discrepancies: A Review

Dr Alka Gupta, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha

Pg. 29-38

Case Reports

Achieving Pink and White Balance by Replacement of Unaesthetic Metal-Ceramic Crowns with Zirconia

Dr Dinesh Sharma Bhusal, Dr Sunita Prajapati, Dr Rewanta Rajbhandari

Pg. 39-41

Reattachment of Fractured Tooth Fragment: Case Series

Dr Anu Karmacharya, Dr Sandhya Shrestha, Dr Santosh Man Rajbhandari, Dr Pratyush Sapkota, Dr Manisha Pradhan, Dr Gunjana Rimal

Pg. 42-6

Desquamative Gingivitis as a Clinical Sign of Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid – A Case Report

Dr Kamana Neupane, Dr Bhageshwar Dhami, Dr Nashib Pandey, Dr Deepa Aryal, Dr Arjun Hari Rijal

Pg. 47-51

Mucocele on the Edentulous Ridge: A Case Report

Dr Nisha Maharjan, Dr Sushmit Koju, Dr Kamana Neupane, Dr Dipshikha Bajracharya, Dr Bhageshwar Dhami

Pg. 52-5

Authors Guidelines

Pg. 56-8


JKDC Vol 3 No 1

Issue 4, Jan-Jun 2022


Citing the Citation

Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 5

Research Articles

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting among Dental Students

Aastha Shrestha, Nisha Jha, Pathiyil Ravi Shankar, Nirjala Laxmi Madhikarmi

Pg. 6-11

Comparison of Alkalinised and Non-alkalinised Lignocaine on Pain and onset of Anesthesia during Intra-oral Injection

Dr Satya Priya Shivakotee, Dr Sumit Singh, Dr Lokesh Verma

Pg. 12-6

Cephalometric Comparison of Collum Angle in Horizontal and Vertical Growth Patterns

Dr Dipankar Shrestha, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Jyoti Dhakal, Dr Asal Acharya, Dr Shreya Bajracharya

Pg. 17-20

Relationship of Occlusal Planes and Growth Patterns in Skeletal Class I Malocclusion

Dr Prafen Pokhrel, Dr Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr Jyoti Dhakal, Dr Ujjwal Pyakurel, Dr Amita Lama

Pg. 21-25

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Dental Hygiene Aids among Undergraduate Students of Different Fraternities

Dr Sarahana Shrestha, Dr Sadikchya Pokhrel, Dr Reshma Karki

Pg. 26-33

Case Reports

Hemisection of Mandibular Molar: A Conservative Approach for Management of Perio-Endo Lesion

Dr Binita Shrestha, Dr Sandhya Shrestha, Dr Kamana Neupane

Pg. 34-7

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of a Patient with an Ocular Defect: A Simplified Clinical Approach

Dr Rewant Rajbhandari, Dr Barsha Ghimire, Dr Saishab Dhital, Dr Sunita Prajapati

Pg. 38-40

A Customized Post and Core on Structurally Compromised Endodontically Treated Tooth

Dr Sunita Prajapati, Dr Dinesh Sharma Bhusal, Dr Rewant Rajbhandari

Pg. 41-3

Student KDC

Prevalence of Oral Diseases in Rural Area of Punjab, India

Dr Arshnoor Singh Bajaj, Dr Harmandeep Kaur

Pg. 44-5




JKDC Vol 3 No 2

Issue 5, Jul-Dec 2022


Reporting Guidelines in Health Research

Dr Sujita Shrestha

Pg. 5-6

Research Articles

Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection among the patients undergone for endoscopic biopsy

– Dr. Srijana Shrestha, Dr. Ramila Shrestha, Dr. Muza Shrestha

Pg. 7-9

Assessment of Hounsfield unit in the maxillary and mandibular ridges using CBCT

-Dr. Deepa Aryal, Dr. Bhageswar Dhami, Dr. Savvy Pokhrel, Dr. Sagun Regmi

Pg. 10-13

Sexual Dimorphism in Permanent Maxillary Central Incisor in Nepali sample

-Dr. Dhan Kumari Manandhar, Dr. Dipshikha Bajracharya, Dr. Akanksha Badhu,Dr. Dipika Gautam

Pg. 14-18

Three-dimensional evaluation of relationship between maxillary central incisor and nasopalatine canal

-Dr. Rajju Dangal,Dr. Rabindra Man Shrestha,Dr. Jyoti Dhakal,Dr. Alka Gupta,Dr. Rashmi Bhattarai

Pg. 19-24

Morphological variations in Maxillary labial frenum: A cross-sectional study

Dr. Savvy Pokhrel,Dr. Srishti Poudel,Dr. Bhageshwar Dhami,Dr. Deepa Aryal,Dr. Sagun Regmi

Pg. 25-30

Case Reports

Delayed reimplantation of avulsed tooth with 15-hours extra oral dry storage time

-Dr. Pratyush Sapkota

Pg. 31-34

Histopathological variations in Pyogenic Granuloma:A Case Series

-Dr. Dipika Gautam,Dr. Dipshikha Bajracharya,Dr. Bidhata Ojha,Dr. Pradeep Bhandari

Pg. 35-37

Authors Guidelines

Pg. 38-40


JKDC Vol 4 No 1

Issue 6, Jan-Jun 2023


Oral Cancer: The growing burden in context to Nepal

-Dr Dipshika Bajracharya

Pg. 5

Research Articles

In vitro comparative assessment of bond strength of three different root canal sealers after root canal drying by different techniques

-Dr. Santosh Man Rajbhandari, Dr. Bismita Pradhan, Dr. Isha Lamichhane, Dr. Sunita Khanal,Dr. Subheksha Subedi

Pg. 6-11

Correlation between lateral cephalometric analysis and photographic profile analysis in determining different skeletal malocclusions

-Dr. Asal Acharya, Dr. Rabindra Man Shrestha, Dr. Roji Shrestha

Pg. 12-16

Assessment of Level of Knowledge regarding Cone Beam Computed Tomography amongst Dental Interns of Nepal

-Dr. Shrijana Shrestha, Dr. Anju Khapung

Pg. 17-21

Premolar Extraction’s Impact on Vertical Dimension, Cervical Posture in Class-II High-angle Cases: A Cephalometric Analysis

-Dr. Kanistika Jha, Dr. Manoj Adhikari

Pg. 21-26

Assessment of Applicability of Demirjian’s Method for Dental Age Estimation

-Dr. Sabita Shrestha, Dr. Komal Chand, Dr. Kajol Gurung, Dr. Aashish Sigdel, Dr. Kerishna Kansakar

Pg. 27-30

Case Reports

Immediate Implant with Immediate Loading- A Case Report

-Dr. Kamana Neupane, Dr. Bhageshwar Dhami, Dr. Deepa Aryal, Dr. Sagun Regmi, Dr. Savvy Pokhrel, Dr. Srishti Poudel

Pg. 31-34

Reattachment of fractured segment: The instant remedy

-Dr. Subheksha Subedi, Dr. Sandhya Shrestha, Dr. Santosh Man Rajbhandari, Dr. Pratyush Sapkota, Dr. Manisha Pradhan

Pg. 35-39

An Intriguing Presentation of Dentigerous Cyst

-Dr. Puja Guni, Dr. Satya Priya Shivakotee, Dr. Dipshikha Bajracharya

Pg. 40-43

Authors Guidelines