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Department of Pedodontics

Department of Pedodontics deals with the preventive and therapeutic dental treatment and management of pediatric (child) patients up to the age of thirteen years and also offers special care for patients with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities. The pedodontic discipline envisages that the child is not just a miniature adult but a dynamic organism undergoing constant mental, physical, and emotional changes with different treatment needs. Thus the department is prepared with an ambiance amicable to serve such patients.

  1. दाँत भर्ने ।
  2. हल्लिएको दाँत निकाल्ने ।
  3. जरैदेखि दाँतको उपचार गर्ने ।
  4. दाँत सफा गर्ने ।
  5. फ्लोराइड लगाउने ।
  6. दाँतमा Cap लगाउने (CROWN)।
  7. चोटपटक लागेको दाँतको उपचार।
  8. Appliance लगाउने।
  9. Space maintainer लगाउने।
  10. Special Child / जस्तै अटिजम, डाउनस् सिन्ड्रम, हात खुट्टा राम्रोसँग नचल्ने) बच्चाहरूको दाँतको उपचार गरिन्छ।

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